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Giving Birth? What Snacks to take to the IWK

To the partners who are NOT giving birth, let me tell you my husband's mistake. What I've learned is everyone's partner did something.. questionable.. while their significant other gave birth. I have heard some good ones. My hubby wasn't that bad.. but made a fatal error food wise. Let's set the scene in 2017.

I am getting induced with my first child. I get the IV medication and ask the nurse if I should eat something now, as I don't know when I am supposed to stop eating before giving birth. The nurse was sweet.. looks at me and says "oh honey, you can't have anything now". Great.. Ice chips it was! This happened around 3pm. Getting close to 6pm I have had my epidural and I am getting pretty tired. Hubby mentions he is hungry and is going to get Subway in the lobby. No problem, I can't eat. You can. I assume he is going to eat it downstairs before coming back. I do appreciate his commitment to being in the room, but he comes back with my favorite sub, and a meatball sub that is wafting through the room. He comes in and starts unwrapping the two subs and I am throwing some major daggers his way. He looks up at me and tells me he got my favorite sub. Again, love him. So sweet.. right? Ok, the hormones were flying at this point. I grit my teeth and say, "I can't eat until I have the baby". The look on his face was priceless when he realized what he had just done. He just waved food in front of a hormonal lion, and knew it. We both look at each other and laugh. However, he acknowledges the mistake but moving his chair behind the curtain and pulling it around so that I cannot see the food. Fight avoided.

How to avoid this for the partners that want to be present for each step of the way? Pack a snack bag! No one is going to judge you for being prepared and bringing a bag full of snacks. I did have snacks for the first baby, but cannot remember what we put in it. This time I am better prepared. Hubby inputted which snacks he would like, and I went to good ole Walmart!

Contents of our snack bag include:

-Large water bottles


-Vitamin water



-Nature valley bars (peanut butter and almond)

-Spicy thai chip crackers

-Beef jerky

Why did we choose these items? They aren't healthy you say..

Enjoy the time you have together and make it fun. Your life is about to change, and your favorite snacks will make the transition smoother. Grab some of your favorite snacks that will keep you full so you can focus on baby. Grab a few others that you just like. Our plan is to add in some leftovers for him on our way out the door to the hospital to help him pick "less fragrant" foods when I give birth this time.

Once you have baby, mom will be fed well. The IWK has a large selection of really great foods available for mom to order 3 times a day. I always ordered all of the items available and hubby would share with me so he didn't have to leave the room as much to fend for himself. I remember the omelets were reallllly tasty. Just remember to order.. you can get caught up with baby and forget to feed yourself very easily. I don't like drinking the hospital's tap water, so thus the large amount of fluids we brought with.

There are a few options in the main lobby for your partner to get some food if sharing is not cutting it. Subway is available and offers a wide range of foods (sandwiches, soups, salads, breakfast, etc). Tim Hortons is also available, but in a limited capacity. You can get baked goods, crescents, bagels, and coffee. No sandwiches/soups/salads at this location. We also saw people getting delivery.. so no shame on how you choose to fend for yourself at this time. You have options like Skip the Dishes :)

You won't have time to run around when you go into labor looking for food to take with. So pack some in your bag, in a cooler, in whatever and have it ready to go. Food will be the last thing on your mind once baby arrives.

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