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Why bother starting a blog?

I've made it this far without starting a blog.. so why start now? To be honest, the last time I anticipated my maternity leave it sent me into a tailspin. Why? Having a child "young" and "unplanned". I felt like I lost all control of my life and career, so I decided to complete a MBA to "gain back" some of that control. (I know, I know.. little did I know what I was getting myself into with a newborn). Coming into my second maternity leave, I thought my "spare" time would be better served providing some thoughts and advise for the career oriented mom instead of hunting down another 30+ thousand endeavor.

So here it is. My transition out of the workplace for one year to focus on my family. I've tried many programs for mom and baby on my first maternity leave in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Played on many playgrounds. Found many low cost, family friendly options to get you out of the house. Not just that, we love to travel! Our now three-year-old has been to Puerta Plata, Jamaica, and frequents Ontario (mind you not during COVID-19). However, we are based out of Nova Scotia, and love the Maritimes! I hope that you will enjoy reading on our experiences and you may find one that suites your family. By the way, if you have any requests for content.. please feel free to pop me a message and I will try my best to accommodate your request.

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