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Five things to do with your toddler during lockdown in the HRM (winter edition).

Does anyone else have a high-energy three-year-old? I am used to running around on the weekends driving her from point A to point B. I cannot say that I am upset we are forced to stay home in our small group, but it does take a toll on mom when your girl won't stop running circles around you.

So, hubby and I have come up with some fun activities inside and out to keep us all sane!

#1. Watch the light show at Halifax's City Hall at Grand Parade Square until January 1, 2021: There is a beautiful tree and lights that make for a great photo opportunity and "wow" moment for your little one. From 4:30pm until 9:50pm daily. The show runs every 10 minutes from the top of the hour. If you aren't too cold, the waterfront also has some lights that make for a nice stroll.

Cost: Free

#2. Light Drives or Walks: We've gotten Layla excited by going for "light drives" or "light walks" around the neighborhood. FamilyFun Halifax has a great blog post of which lights to check out for 2020 in the HRM at Again, I recommend the city hall light show. We drove down Connaught Ave as well, but don't recommend getting out with a little one. A lot of traffic and people are on the sidewalk. It may just be me, but I am nervous during the pandemic.

Cost: Free

#3. Cook or Bake Something: Restaurants are closed, so we have been taking the time to cook meals together and bake treats on the weekends. It has helped our little one who is picky learn to expand her favorite dishes. However, our favorites remain the same: Homemade pizza, cookies and pancakes!

Cost: Low (depending on how extravagant your cooking may be. I use Pinterest).

#4. Dollar Store Runs: If you are looking for a great way to preoccupy your little one for a while, take $10 to the dollar store. Dollarama has been my best friend. Again, I am not partial to taking Layla to any stores at this time, so I often venture on my lunch break or after work. Pick up some stickers, books, crafts and mini games. I try and get something a little different each time to keep her interested. The haul usually occupies her for 1-2 hours.

Cost: Low

#5. Movie Night: Yes, I know this one seems simple. But we have learned that movie nights cannot go for granted. Once you are a parent, movie nights are the ideal family night. We go a bit over the top sometimes. Popcorn and candy are required in our house. Make it fun and make it like the movie theatre since you cannot go at this time. We are focused on the holidays now.. The Grinch seems to be the new favorite. If you haven't invested in Netflix by now, it's time.

Cost: Low

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