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What Not to Buy for Baby

I have been a little MIA lately. I've been trying to keep up my posts, but let's be honest. Working full-time and managing a toddler while pregnant is consuming most of my time. God only know what life will be like when we add another bundle of joy to the crew.

I wrote my longest post a few weeks ago. However, I am going to keep this one short. You hear about items that some individuals love and some that were a huge waste of money. I will tell you my experiences with those unnecessary items (I will share my favorite items at a later date).

  1. The Wipe Warmer. I just was laughing with some of my mom friends last night at the uselessness of this item. Baby does not know any better if the wipe is warm or not. If you keep them at room temperature, they do not need to be "warmed up". And who is going to wait for their wipe warmer to change their baby's bottom? Not this mama. Save yourself $20-60 dollars.

2. The "Sterilizer": This was the ultimate waste of $90. This may be useful for the folks that do not have a dishwasher.. but if you own a dishwasher.. it is the same darn thing! Save some money and make sure you have dishwasher safe bottles. Remember to take the bottles apart to ensure all aspects are washed in the dishwasher. This item was useless and expensive.

3. Baby "no scratch" Mittens: Although this item is cute, it is unnecessary. Maybe other moms had better luck with them. My girl just tore them right off. Not to mention, they didn't stay on well if I did get a good 5 minute stretch out of them. Invest in a baby nail clipper or nail buffer instead and keep baby's nails short. Save yourself 10-30$.

4. Baby Shoes: Again, I am not going to deny that baby shoes are not adorable. Every parent melts when they see how cute and small the baby shoes are. But.. stop and think for a second.. When have you ever seen a baby walk? Oh right.. they don't. These look cute, but they do not stay on your little's feet. And they can be quite costly. Second child is getting a large selection of newborn socks instead.

5. Bath Knee Pads: I thought this item may be helpful as well. My knees often hurt when I bend on them for a period of time. However, it was not. You are moving around too much keeping ahold of baby to worry about a knee pad. Just save your money.

6. Baby Snow Suits: Obviously, your child will need a snow suit once they start walking around. And if you are a mom who walks outside in the winter time, this item would be helpful. However, I walked the indoor track with my newborn. You are not supposed to put a child in a care seat in a snowsuit.. so I did not use this item. Again, this item can be pricey. We opted for sweaters and large blankets to wrap around baby for getting to the car.

7. The Jolly Jumper: This one makes me very sad. Again, I had friends whos little jumped all day long. However, my girl had little to no interest in this item. It was difficult to put her in it while she fought me. Her bouncing was minimal and she would cry after being in it for 5 minutes. This items comes in at about $150. I ended up purchasing an exersaucer that was much easier to put her in, and she would play for longer periods of time with the toys that were attached all around it.

8. The "Snot Sucker": Ok, so this is actually called a baby nasal aspirator if we are being technical. I had heard wonderful things about opting for a "snot sucker" instead of using a bulb syringe if baby became stuffed up. I tried this item.. and let me tell you it was not what I was expecting. You need to hold this up baby's nose and suck out the snot. She was not happy about it and would not stay still long enough for it to work whenever I tried to use it. I had better luck with normal saline spray for babies and a humidifier in the room at night (when she was 10 lbs we added the VICKs pad to the humidifier and that worked best). This item comes in at about $20.. so save it.

9. The Crib: Ok, this one is a bit of a joke. I think all parents look to purchase that perfect crib for their little. However, keep in mind.. you will make this plan where baby is going to sleep and that is not always the reality you are faced with once baby arrives. Again, this item is mostly on your "need" list. I do caution that you look at how long your baby is going to actually be sleeping in that crib before you spend hundreds/thousands of dollars on a crib. Another tip: you are probably planning on getting a crib that is a 4 in 1. Be warned, that often does not come with the converter kit and you may as well go to IKEA and buy a toddler bed for less the amount you are going to spend on that converter kit.

Again, be mindful these are my experiences. If you feel there is an item here listed that you really need, try it! Just don't say I didn't warn you :)

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